Splurge or Save: Trendy Summer Skirts At Every Price Point

It’s finally, finally, finally warming up which means it’s time to bring those legs out to play!
Dresses are great and all, but skirts are kind of where it’s at. Think about it: With dresses, you need to rely on accessories and shoes to change up the look from one wear to another. Skirts give you freedom. I mean, try styling a bandage skirt with an oversized tee and riding boots sometime. You’ll be amazed at how different this look is than your go-to bandage-skirt-with-tucked-in-tank top look is.
Now that we’ve established that you should own skirts, the question is: Should you shell out a little bit or a lot on them? You already know the answer to that one, though. It depends on the shape, material and function of the piece. Let’s look at few of the most common archetypes, shall we?
Skater skirt: You can totally get away with saving on this piece. I own one from Forever 21 that cost all of $5 and it works out perfectly – it even makes my tummy look flat, and let’s be real, nothing else really matters. I love this piece with a plain white tee tucked into it. I round the look out with my oxfords and a quirky little clutch and the look is pure feminine-with-a-twist. The point being, the look you create with a plain skater skirt is really up to the pieces you wear it with, so this piece doesn’t need to be expensive at all.
Midi skirt: This is a new trend, which is generally a sign that you should save. But¬†the midi look is really all about shape. If you’re into the full circle skirt look, splurge. You just won’t get that beautiful fullness with a cheaper version and while this is a trend, I do think you’ll be able to bring the midi skirt back for years to come since it’s such a demure and modest look.
Printed maxi skirt: Save, save, save. Prints are distinctive enough as they are – when you have a print on tons of fabric (a la a maxi dress), it’s even more recognizable. You can’t get a ton of use out of this item for that reason. Besides, maxi skirts are great for events like picnics and festivals, meaning the likelihood of getting this piece dirty is high.
Leather mini: Splurge! A great leather skirt is a perfect transitional item. Pair it with a tank top for a sexy night out look, with a button down for dinner, with a tee for a casual day. It looks great in the summer or over tights in the winter….Okay, I’m done. Just get a really great leather skirt ASAP.
Bandage skirt: Ugh. Save. As long as this thing is tight and thick enough to hold you midsection in, it’s doing its job. I am not much of a bandage skirt girl but I do happen to own two. I also happen to actually love one I snagged for $15 more than the BCBG number I own. I like to wear it under dresses that are just a little shorter than they need to be.
A-line skirt: Splurge here. A classic A-line that hits around the knee will always be in style, and even if your body changes a bit it’ll always flatter. This is the skirt you’ll wear to both casual and formal events. It’s a great way to show off your legs without showing too much leg.
Skorts: This one goes in the ‘save’ pile¬†without a question. Remember how you outgrew the skorts you wore as a kid? Yeah, you’ll eventually outgrow this new adult trend too.
Solid maxi skirt: Go ahead and treat yourself here. A plain black maxi that fits you well and falls beautifully will serve you well. It’s breezy enough to wear in warm weather but it’ll cover you legs and keep you slightly warm on chillier days.
Short printed skirts: Buy them cheap and often. These are great to just slip on with a tee and a denim jacket for class.

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