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10 Dining Infographics That Will Make You Feel Fancy


dinner etiquette

There is the way that we do things everyday and then there is the right way to do things. I am no etiquette snob. On most days it really doesn’t matter how you devour whichever glorious sandwich fate has bestowed upon you. However, there are some occasions where you might want to step things up and look like you know what you’re doing. Maybe you’re trying to impress your friends or in-laws, maybe you’re at an important “Black Tie” event or gala or maybe you just want to know for yourself; there is a deliberate and careful art to eating.

Everyone loves food but I especially love that food can be a ritual. Good food is something special. Good food means care, love and sentimentality was put into each ingredient, each part of the dish and I like the idea that a little formality can honor the integrity of the meal, those you share it with and those who prepared it for you. Nevertheless, if you’re at a place where everyone is “proper” and you’re not, while it isn’t actually that big of a deal, you can feel kind of like a dork. Each fork, each setting, each glass has a purpose and it’s time we took the time to understand the functionality of the silverware that makes it possible for us to devour all the things! 

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