7 Beauty Game Changers With Visible Results

What does it mean to be a beauty game changer? In a world of broken promises and dreams—I am talking about the world of cosmetics—game changing isn’t a status so easily obtained. Don’t you think if Neutrogrena, L’Oreal or Clearasil could get rid of your acne they would have won the Nobel Peace Prize by now? If products could actually do what they say they did we wouldn’t need “new and improved” products after that and surely the scientist who invented such cures would be more famous than Beyoncé? Most things are a scam. It’s like when the $150 face lotion Creme de La Mer turned out to just be basic drugstore ingredients like mineral oil and petrolatum. It’s mostly a scam. There are some new products that have fundamentally changed the game or at least greatly improved upon previous products or ways of doing things. I didn’t know that the way I combed and brushed my hair could be transformed, I didn’t believe that any form of cleansing would make a difference on my fussy skin, but most importantly, I didn’t know there was a top coat that worked. These are the 7 beauty products that are making waves.

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