8 Grown-Up Crafts You Can Do with Puff Paint

The 90s gave us a lot of incredible crafting tools. From scented markers to mushy art erasers, chances are your oversize Lisa Frank pencil box was filled to the brim. And despite having a lot of really awesome things stashed in there (remember Floam?), the crown jewel of your arts and crafts arsenal was Puff Paint. It was the answer to all of your pre-teen woes.

Have a boring plain white tee? Puff Paint yourself a neon faux-pocket. Mom bought you some ugly Keds? Puff Paint can help them out. Want to have the coolest backpack in the 3rd grade? Yup, Puff Paint, girl. We lived and died by the laws of Puff Paint. It seemed like every birthday party, sleepover and summer camp had us up to our elbows in that bright, gluey paint.

Sadly around the time we traded name tagged desks for hallway lockers, Puff Paint lost it’s luster. Why spend your weekends perfecting your marbling technique when you could hang at the mall and spend your babysitting money on roll-on body glitter? (Don’t play like you didn’t have roll-on body glitter. We all did, and, like me, you probably put it on your eyes despite that warning label.)

Now that we’re mature women of the Pinterest era, it’s suddenly cool to craft again. I urge you, go to your nearest Wal-Mart or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and pick up some Puff Paint once more. You can revisit some of your old favorite projects, like jazzing up the neckline of a Hanes tank, or find new ones to slave over during wine nights with the girls. Here are some of my favorite DIY ideas…


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