Spring Fashion For Girls Who Hate Spring Fashion

Spring fashion is all about pastel shades, floral prints and lace. Which is awesome. …If you’re in third grade. I mean, no offense if you’re into it, but the ultra-girly style that characterizes this season is just not my thing. I prefer black to lavender, stripes to florals, leather to lace, if you catch my drift. My distaste for spring fashion became obvious to me recently, when a friend asked me to do a photo shoot for her blog. She requested that I wear ‘anything that represents spring style.’  I rifled through my closet for anything in a shade of pink and came up empty. My solution? Mix the best of winter style with the best of summer style for an unconventional yet weather-appropriate spring look.Note: This does not mean Uggs paired with a bikini and/or a denim miniskirt and/or anything. Because that’s never okay. If you’re stumped as to how exactly this works, let me help you out. All you’ve got to is get creative. Here are some of my favorite ways to create a great spring look in the sartorial purgatory that exists winter meets summer.

A leather jacket over a dress: Leather jackets are kind of perfect for spring weather but the sartorial powers that be define spring style in a way that is at odds with the look of these toppers (they’re too dark and edgy for what we’ve been told is right for the season). Make a classic leather jacket look a bit more seasonal by pairing it with a summery little dress. If you can’t stand the idea of wearing a floral dress but want to dabble in spring fashion, try topping one of with a moto jacket in black leather. It’ll temper the look so it doesn’t get too cutesy.

A felt hat paired with a maxi skirt: The color and fabric of a dark let hat feels very wintery. Pair it with a boho maxi skirt and it takes on a new look entirely – one that happens to be perfect for spring.

A skater dress with booties: This season, don the boots that were too cute to wear out in the snow out. Pair them with an A-line dress (the shape will flatter your legs, which will counteract the way booties cut them off visually) for a spring look.

A sweatshirt paired with denim cutoffs: Make it a fitted, hoodless sweatshirt, keep the shorts longish and loose-ish and you’ve got a great spring look that’s comfy and casual enough for class.

Leather shorts paired with a long-sleeved tee: Leather shorts are kind of the perfect spring piece because they’re way more transitional than most shorts. Add a thin tee with long sleeves for another great casual look – add some modest heels for a super-stylish look.