Student Says Professor Lowered Her Grades Because She Is A Stripper

An anonymous Portland State University student called “Red” alleges that her history professor lowered her grades after finding out she was a stripper. Red was relatively open about her career, she told a few people and even wrote about her experience for another class but when she told the wrong person her honesty backfired.

Red discussed her experience on a Huffington Post Live segment, “I was asking for a recommendation and he asked me what I did, I thought he was a great guy I thought we had a really good rapport, and I told him, and after that my grades immediately went down.”

Instead of telling the administrators, for fear of more consequence, she kept the incident to herself.¬†“I just was too embarrassed to argue about it. I never told anybody again.” To punish someone for their profession is so condescending and admonishing, I hardly have any words.

No matter how you feel about stripping, and I guarantee you that the men who “hate strippers” can be found in plenty of strip clubs, you have to acknowledge the Red is clearly using her job to pay for her education. She is doing what needs to be done, that deserves championing not vilifying.

The cliche of strippers paying for college is just that, a cliche, but for many it’s the only viable option when the cost of college rises, those without degrees are left in the dust and the economy doesn’t offer many alternatives. That someone should be punished for a hard day’s work and a productive way of spending that money is horrible. Especially when this student chose this guy to open up to, it sucks to have that thrown¬†back in your face.

We wish this girl luck.

[Image via. Shutterstock/Marylia]

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