You Can Now Buy A Thigh Gap. At The Surgery Store.

You can now buy yourself a thigh gap at Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina del Rey, California. The procedure is called CoolSculpting. The invasive surgery can “freeze the fat away” and thus get rid of that “stubborn” thigh fat you suddenly realized in 2012 you didn’t need.

Look, if you have a thigh gap or you don’t it literally does not matter. It’s infuriating when we women fall prey to the media propaganda that we’re not good enough. That when we finally feel great, we still have to keep fine-tuning. If I just had a thigh gap then I would be one of those girls . . . There isn’t anything wrong or unattractive about having a thigh gap. I’ve had one before, I wore a lot of shorts that summer. Then it went away. I wore less shorts. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting a thigh gap either. If that’s the goal you want to reach, if that’s your idea of self improvement, then go for it, lady. But there is something wrong if you believe you need a thigh gap to be beautiful or to feel a certain way about yourself. How you feel about yourself, your self esteem that is, shouldn’t be contingent on your appearance. Your appearance is a variable. It’s going to change weather that is due to diet, injury, aging or life choices, it isn’t fixed. Your inner core, that is fixed.

“I see a growing number of patients who, despite leading a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, cannot eliminate stubborn fat on certain parts of their bodies, and the thigh ranks high on the list to achieve the coveted space called the ‘thigh gap’,” said Grant Stevens, MD, FACS, medical director of Marina Plastic Surgery.

Thigh gaps are trend. They’re also not the kind of thing anyone really pays attention to unless they specifically have thigh gap on the brain. If you want to get plastic surgery that’s your choice. Just recognize the cost of that choice, that it might be irreversible and that it might not make you any happier.

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