Fake or Real Eye Lashes: How Well Do You Know These 12 Celebs’ Beauty Habits?

Have you ever looked at a picture of a celebrity and thought, “damn, I wish I looked like that?”

Yeah. Me too.

I know I should probably prattle on and on about how unrealistic the beauty standards set by magazines are and all – but let’s be honest, sometimes it’s fun to look at a star’s flawless face/hair/body. There is one thing I can say that’ll lift your self-esteem back to a reasonable level, though. Celebrities have something most of us don’t: Glam squads.

From extensions to fat wraps to top-of-the-line facials to photoshop, celebrities have every reason to look as they good as they do. If you’ve ever worn false eyelashes, you know why these little buddies are among the fixes that celebrities employ to look perfect. And while falsies aren’t exactly unattainable, they are kind of a pain to apply without help, which sort of elevates them into famous-people-territory.

With being said, can you spot a pair of fake eyelashes? Click through this gallery and place your guesses (in the comments!!) as to whether these lovely ladies were born with it or (more likely) not.

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