Five Ways To Wear White Pants Before (Or After) Memorial Day

White pants aren’t always the easiest things to pull off. For one thing, I mean, they’re white. As in, not black. As in not super slimming. As in see-through.

People are always going on and on about how you should never wear white (especially white pants) before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. I say wear them whenever the hell you want, but understand that white pants aren’t your go-to pair of blue or black jeans. They require a bit more thought because they’re neither easy to wear nor universally flattering. Most of the time, white pants are going to look better with a long, loose top over them – this will make them more universally flattering and less seasonal. There are exceptions, however, and contrary to popular belief, there is more than one way to wear white pants. Let’s take a gander.

Polished: Pair your white skinny pants with a printed blouse worn loose over them. Add some sandals (preferably with a little heel – this will lengthen and lean out your legs) for a look that’s perfect for a day party.

Casual: Add an oversized sweater to make this look for the other seasons. Brown riding boots will round out this look.

Glam: Pair with a black tank top, black pump and a statement necklace for a simple and chic night out look.

Monochromatic: Pair your white pants with a white button-down or blazer. This is definitely a trick look but if you can do it well, props to you.

Vibrant: You can get away with a very bright top when wearing white pants. Try topping them off with a neon printed tunic for a fun, beach look. Balance it out with a nude bag and shoes for balance.

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