How To Wakeup Without Hitting The Snooze Button

I cannot get up in the morning. During the most traumatic winter in years I just began hitting the snooze button over and over until I wake up everyday with the least possible amount of time to get ready and still arrive to work on schedule. It feels like the mornings are waste. When I could be chilling and having a cup of coffee, when I could be making a nice breakfast, when I could be working out, I am endlessly snoozing. Do those extra 30 minutes really make a difference? Nope, but I can’t seem to shake them.

Today, I vow to wak up earlier everyday and in doing so I’ve formulated a master plan. DUN. DUN. Dun.

Step 1. Wakeup earlier in 10 minute intervals everyday. Leaping from 7:40AM to 6:30AM isn’t possible. The body just isn’t used to that. It’s much easier to reduce your sleep time in 10 minute intervals. Stick to an interval for a week and in a few months we should all be waking up with the sun.

Step 2. Get a goodnight’s sleep. Realistically if you go to bed at 3AM you’re not going to want to be up in just a few hours and will cram as much sleep time in as possible. Get your full 7 to 8 hours, even if it means going to bed at an old lady hour.

Step 3. Place the alarm clock FAR AWAY. The number one reason I don’t get up is because my phone is my alarm clock. I can tap it and hit snooze, it’s so easy. I never have to get out of my warm covers. I can stay snuggled in like pig in a blanket. Relocating your phone across the room means you have to get up to hit snooze and since you’re up already you may as well stay awake.

Step 4. Have something to do. It’s pointless to create extra time if you’re just going to be bored. Use this time to meditate, get some yoga in, workout, make breakfast or just enjoy the sun.

Step 5. Keep your shades open overnight. When the sun hits your eyes it makes you want to wake up naturally. Whenever I go camping no matter how late I go to bed when that sun comes out I am ready to get up. The sun energizes us in a strange primal way. That natural light is going to motivate us to rise and shine.

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