This "What You're Like Drunk vs. Sober" Video is Sadly On Point

Drunk You vs. Sober You. Remember when you thought there wasn’t a huge distinction between the two? “Oh, I so do not look drunk. Those cops have no idea I’ve had four shots of fireball all washed down with Natty Ice. Lemme just see if my fake works at this bar over here…don’t mind me, officers, I always walk in a zig-zag!” We’ve all boasted that false sense of sobriety, and we all – in retrospect – realize that when you’re wasted, you usually look wasted.
It’s for this reason that I sorta hate-loved watching this video spoofing how girls behave when they’re drunk as opposed to when they’re sober. Sure it’s a huge generalization, but tell me you haven’t hobbled down the street in one high heel or became exasperated when you couldn’t find your house keys and had to “go through the hole.” (I seriously laughed out loud at that part.)
Bottom line is, kids, we’re not as cool as we think we are when we’re drunk. We’re hot messes of human beings and it’s better to drunkenly dance on top of the bar than to have never danced at all. Or something like that.

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