Your Handbag Dictionary: 10 Kinds Of Handbags You Must Know

It’s a peeve of mine to be looking for something that I don’t know the name of. Every now and then I’ll see a covetable item but because I don’t know the correct words for it, because I can’t find the name, I just can’t find it anywhere. Not knowing the correct kind of purse can make it impossible to find in stores and during furiously long nights of Google search window shopping. How can I pin this cute purse on my Pinterest board if I do not know the name? I can’t. There are many different styles of handbags out there and we all have our personal preferences but knowing which purse it is will save you a ton of time when you’re hunting it down. Here is the handbag dictionary you never thought you needed. Hey, even I learned something writing this post: that kind of purse is called a minaudiere? I had no idea.


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