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Why You Should Wear Your Heels To Brunch This Weekend



I don’t think I need to tell you that every woman just flat out looks smokin’ in heels. I don’t care if you’re already supermodel tall – there’s something about sliding your feet into some amazing four-inchers that transforms you (yeah, you) from hot woman to straight up goddess.

As a five-foot-one-inch nugget who was blessed with the ability to walk better in heels than in flats, I am a total advocate of wearing some heels for pretty much any occasion. I mean, obviously you’re not going to wear, like, ballet flats to a wedding or a night at a hot new club (you’re not going to do that under any circumstances, you hear me?), but I say why not upgrade your flats for some heels for daytime activities? You can totally wear heels to brunch. Or out shopping. Or to class. It’s just a matter of doing it right.

First things first, pumps are generally not daytime shoes (unless you’re wearing them to work – if so, keep them single-sole and not too high.) Booties, wedges, and cage sandals are all examples of great shoes to wear during the day. They’ll give you that great height without making you look pageant-y or prissy. They all also happen to be easier to walk in than pumps, it’s a win/win.

Check out Miranda Kerr bellow. She could totally roll into a restaurant for a hungover brunch and no one would think she’s overdoing it, right?


This photo brings us to our next point: Even if you’re wearing some easy booties, if you’re pairing them with a bandage dress or something equally dressy, you’re going to look like you’re trying too hard. Keep the rest of your outfit laid-back. Miranda is doing it right for a few reasons: She chose the right shoes for the day and she kept the rest of her outfit casual and effortless. And again, this is not a woman who needs to look three inches taller or ten pounds thinner – she’s just a girl who believe in the power of heels.

Pieces like sweatshirts (get an awesome FREE one here), breezy dresses and distressed jeans do a great job of balancing out the “fanciness” of heels. People often say that heels and shorts together will make you look like a hooker. In reality, it’s all about the execution. If your shorts are on the longer end, pair ’em with some modest-heeled cage sandals. Basically be more Zoe Saldana

CU-Zoe Saldana has lunch at Joans on Third in Los Angeles-12

…and less Miley Cyrus.


And for the love of all that is holy, don’t ever go where Heidi Montag (Pratt?) is going. Yikes.


And there you have it. Wearing heels during the day is all about keeping it easy and comfortable (because if you’re stumbling all over the place, you just aren’t going to look good.) If nothing else, it’s a good way to practice for the next wedding you have to go to.

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