9 Ratchet Commencement Speakers That We Wouldn’t Mind Listening To

Confession: I wasn’t planning on participating in my alma mater’s commencement ceremony. I finished up in December and received my diploma in February. What’s the point? I thought. Most of my friends had walked last year, anyway. I was going to experience my graduation vicariously through Instagram and Facebook…until our commencement speaker was announced. Diddy will speak at Howard University’s ceremony on May 10, and I couldn’t be more excited. Although I’m excited, there were some who…umm…aren’t.

Yeah, he didn’t necessarily graduate from HU (yet), but he used his experience to catapult a career that’s spanned fields and earned him millions. Like, literally. 700 of them. Any advice he can bestow upon a lowly, struggling recessionista like myself would be helpful. And to the hating alumni – rejoice in the fact that it could’ve been much worse. What if these notables spoke at your graduation?

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