CC Book Club: “Pivot Point” by Kasie West

Hello again and welcome back to another installment of the CC Book Club. This April we tackled “Pivot Point” by Kasie West, a fantasy YA novel. As always, there are spoilers throughout!

“Pivot Point”┬átells the story/ies of Addison Coleman, who lives in a special compound/city where everyone explores their mind’s full potential and has an ability. Some are Telepaths, others Mass Manipulators, but Addison is a Searcher: she can look into the future and see how each choice she makes will impact her life. Addison parents announce that they will be getting a divorce and her dad moving out of the compound to live amongst the “norms”, leaving Addison with the choice of which parent to live with. Naturally, she uses her ability to search her futures and we have our novel!

Throughout both of Addie’s stories, we meet several of the same characters and explore happenings from two different perspectives. I loved this; just after reading how Addie and her best friend, Laila, would tackle one issue, the alternate Addie would somehow hear about or experience the same issue in a different way. For example, the character of Poison is prevalent in both futures. Addie and Laila see Poison often because of Laila’s dad’s involvement with him, but in the future where she moves in with her dad, Addie sees Poison on videotapes of her dad’s. Her father is a lie detector, so naturally he investigates crimes and interrogates suspects.

Addison as a character was very appealing to me. The emotions she experienced seemed genuine and she wasn’t too much of a doormat or a rebel, which I often find with YA characters. She sat firmly in the middle of this spectrum and responded to everything just as I hoped she would. Addison’s two suitors (Duke and Trevor) were also a nice addition to the book. Both were unique, but complemented Addison. I’ve read other novels by Kasie West and characters seem to be a strong point throughout her work.

I honestly didn’t expect Pivot Point to have such a rich, intricate plot; I thought we would simply be walking through Addie’s two potential futures. However, there’s a much bigger mystery that’s slowly revealed through it’s pages and will continue to be throughout the rest of the series. When I picked this one, I didn’t know it was part of a series, but I’m pleased that we get to continue with Addie and West has more than one book to explore the mystery in.

So what are we reading for May, you ask? That would be a non-fiction I’m ridiculously excited about: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan. See you back here at the end of May!

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