Get Your Game Face On: How To Do Your Makeup For Graduation

If you’re a senior now, heads up! You are thisclose to stepping out of the nonstop pizza party that is college into The Real World, a universe filled with crippling hangovers, never-ending bills, awkward jobs interviews and even more awkward first dates. You’re going to love it.
Oh, and congrats on getting through college and all. My most sage, heartfelt advice to you at this time? Go out every single night while you still can. Also, choose your graduation dress early because it’s not always easy to find the perfect one. And when graduation day rolls around, wear that dress with pride and do your makeup in such a way that lets the whole damn world know that you’re not a girl, not yet woman. You’re not going to look cute in one of those awful robes (nothing personal; no one does) so counteract the unflattering properties of your shiny muumuu by making sure your face and hair look better than ever. Here are some tips:
For your lips: Graduation is not the time for the bold lip. You’ll be smiling constantly for pictures and eating cookies at the reception so this might just make you look like a clown. Stick to a neutral shade on your lips, something that’ll make them stand out under the harsh lights without looking too obvious.
Prepare for bad lighting: I mean, it’s going to suck unless you’re lucky enough be at an outdoor ceremony. Use some highlighter to draw that lighting to the right places on your face – think brow bone, under the eyes and down the bridge of your nose.
Sweatproof: Chances are you will be very, very hot throughout the ceremony, whether it’s taking place inside or outside. Powder is your friend, as is deodorant. Stash some oil blotting papers in the pocket of your robe too – just to be safe.
Emphasize your eyes: This is always a good thing and it’s more important than ever since the top of your cap will create shadows over the top of your face. Use tons of mascara and liner to ensure your peepers will still be visible.
Add some volume: The cap will flatten your hair out and ruin whatever style you choose so work with it, not against it. Put the cap on, then add some curls to the ends of your hair. This will add some dimension, making the cap look less obvious. Styling your hair when the cap is actually on will keep from ruining the shape of your style.

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