Happy BAEday! Channing Tatum Doing 9 Sexy Things Because He’s a Sexy Man

Happy birthday, Channing Tatum! Our teenage dream-turned-DILF is 34 today. If you’re a warm-blooded, partially-seeing woman and/or man with a pulse, Channing Tatum’s sex appeal cannot be denied. And okay, okay…yes, I know that I shouldn’t objectify men and that he’s more than just a hunk of meat. But those eyes. Those lips. That bone structure. That BAWDY. Mmm, mmm, mmm…the hot man assembly line in the sky put in EXTRA work when it came to this one. My goodness.

No, but seriously…CT is a talented model, actor and producer. You can’t knock his hustle – he started off as a nightclub stripper and werked his way to becoming Forbes’ second highest-paid actor. How magical is that? And yes, it sucks that we’ll never get to Channing all over his Tatum as he’s a happily married man…but I’m sure that Jenna won’t mind if we look a little.

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