13 Major Moments in 90s Kid Couture

Have you ever looked at old photos and wondered “WTF was I thinking/wearing/doing/being”? Yeah, that’s basically how I feel towards all photographic evidence of my existence in the nineties. I’m not sure why I thought that pairing men’s Levi’s with a hot pink Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt and platform Skechers was a good idea, but hey. My days of poring over the pages of InStyle and refreshing Refinery29’s homepage were far away during that time.
We’ve all made mistakes and missteps when it comes to personal style. But the funny thing about fashion is that if something is stylish in that moment, almost everyone loves it! Yes, a scalp-ful of butterfly barrettes may be a faux pas now, but they literally made you the flyest girl in your third grade class. And sure – you might’ve worn your jelly sandals with socks on chillier afternoons, but it was a statement, damn it. (plus, I hear they’re making a comeback anyway). We shudder at some of our sartorial choices in retrospect, but maybe we should stand by them. You never know what’ll come back in style.
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