So Basically, Everyone Hates Donald Sterling

If there’s a public figure who – say – happens to own an NBA team or something like that, you’d THINK that that said figure would practice discretion when the cameras are both on and off. You never know who’s listening, lurking, watching and waiting. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling fell victim to this after his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, recorded some super-racist statements that he said in a private setting. He slammed her for appearing with minorities in public and taking Instagram photos with the likes of Magic Johnson – never mind the fact that his girlfriend identifies herself as half Black. Sigh. Needless to say, people are NOT happy with Sterling. Fans are talking about boycotting, the National Action Network is thinking about planning a protest and professional forges are breaking within the league. Even President Obama condemned Sterling, referring to his statements as “ignorance.” NBA commissioner Adam Silver says that it’s too soon to take action as the tape’s authenticity has to be verified…but Hollywood has enough proof. What say you, Candy Girls? Is Sterling innocent until proven guilty? [Lead image via] Snoop Dogg

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