Splurge or Save: Which Sunglasses Are Worth Your Cash?

Someone once said the best way to be prepared for wherever the day takes you is to throw a few pairs of sunglasses into your bag – that way you can change up your look depending on what the situation calls for without any real effort. (I’m not saying ‘someone’ to make this sound all dramatic; I just really don’t remember who said it.)
I can’t say I don’t agree with this tactic. I happen to a big fan of tossing little things (like earrings, lipsticks, perfume samples) into my purses because every time you find something, it’s a happy little accident. You can be feeling totally drab and then BAM – you reach into your purse to grab your wallet so you can pay for your coffee, only to find a tube of hot pink lippie at the bottom of your bag.
But for me, sunglasses have never been about making a quick change. My mama always taught me that good sunglasses are essential. Apparently the high-quality sunnies are the ones that really protect your eyes from the sun or something. Because of this, I’ve been a one-pair-of-sunnies girl for the last few years. But maybe the people who own a few versions are on to something. I mean, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve switched my bag and ran out, only to realize I left my sunnies in another bag and have to squint through the day….well, I’d be able to snag one of the pairs listed as “splurges.”
So why not treat yourself to a few pairs of sunnies this summer? Whether you spend $3 or $300 on them, at least you know they’ll camouflage your bloodshot eyes¬†on you most hungover days.
Wayfarers: Splurge. These will never, ever go out of style. They’re also universally flattering and unisex, meaning you can loan them to your boyfriend and not worry that he’ll look embarrassing.
Colored sunnies: Save on these. You can get them for just a few dollars and they’ll still add a fun pop of color to neutral outfits and look great against your tanned skin.
Oversized: If you see a pair that look enormous but make you feel ultra glamorous when you put them on, splurge on ’em. Oversized sunglasses are just plain chic and you’ll probably wear them for years and years.
Cat-eye: Meh. Save. Grab a pair of these when you find them for a low price¬†because every girl should own a pair of these. Then again, every girl does own cat-eye sunnies, so you’re likely to grow tired of these soon.
Aviators: Splurge! Aviators are delicate so if you find a pair you love, spend some money on them to ensure they won’t break.
Patterned: Save, save, save. Keep a pair of fun, loud sunnies around for when you just want to have a fun, loud day of drinking.

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