What Should I Get Him For Graduation? [CC Faves]

This installment of CC Faves came from our resident dude, The Dude. Since graduation season is upon us and guys are (surprise) still hard to shop for, we thought this was the perfect post to pull out of the archives.
Dear Dude,
I want to get my boyfriend a gift for graduation, but I’m stumped. My budget would preferably be below $100 since I’m a poor student myself, so fancy watches and gadgets might not be the most realistic for me.
My mom thinks a monogrammed money clip would be sweet, but seriously? This isn’t 1950 and I’m not sure that’s the most exciting gift around. He’s still using a wallet that closes with velcro. I don’t think he’d know what a money clip even is (bless him).
Any and all suggestions are appreciated!!
Thanks a bunch,
Thrifty Grad
A MONEY CLIP? No. Just, no. Unless it’s a family heirloom, no. Don’t get me wrong, your mom sounds very sweet but a bit out of touch with what the current generation is obsessed over. You got $100? So many options.
Gift cards get a bad rap but honestly, they’re perfect. You don’t need to do an Amazon gift certificate either, better to go with a Visa gift card or Amex, something that allows him the flexibility to spend over time and through multiple vendors. This becomes the gift that can keep on giving for weeks, even months. Of course, a shopping spree isn’t the most romantic foot forward (to some, it is to me because then I know I can get exactly what I’ve been wanting but haven’t been able to afford yet but hey, there are others).
Something homemade can be sweet. A collage, scrap book, framed photo, that sort of thing. A memento is to be treasured, doesn’t need to be expensive, just personal.
Does your family have friends with a house upstate or at the beach or something? A weekend away is an awesome gift. Pay for the gas and arrange for accommodations, free to near-free accommodations though. After graduation’s a great time to get away for a few days, a private getaway is a great gift.
If he’s got an obsession then tickets to a concert or a show or midnight screening or a gift box set of his favorite show is fine. Fab.com, Gilt.com, these are all great places to do some online shopping for geek culture collectibles.
There’s always a jewelry! This becomes personal. A chain? A ring? Silver chic, as it were. There are plenty of cool and affordable jewelry for men out there to commemorate a moment of accomplishment and transition.
And then there’s always a TARDIS cookie jar, a year’s subscription to Netflix or Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime, or a relatively nice dinner. Or a threeway. You know, the standards.
Think outside the wallet. It’s not important what you get but what’s motivating the get. The more personal, the better. The more specific, the more personal. Look at his Wish List, do a bit of digging, and put a bit of research behind your efforts. I’ve got faith you’ll find something just right.
Making it work,
Dude Gunn
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