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If “Mean Girls” Was A Menu These Foods Would Be On It


mean girls menu

This Wednesday, April 30th, marks the 10-year anniversary of the most iconic film of our adolescence: Mean GirlsThe irony of the anniversary falling on a pink Wednesday is not lost on us. This week we’ll be commemorating the most quote worthy and the most GIF-able movie of our lives. It’s crazy to think about where the quartet of actresses is now. Lindsay Lohan is clawing her way to a comeback. Rachel McAdams had a ton of success but has slowly faded in presence. Then there’s Amanda Seyfried who is fairing well on the indie scene while Lacey Chabert seems to have vanished right after filming this gig.

What struck me a lot about Mean Girls is that there is a ton of references to food. This isn’t anything new in Tina Fey’s writing but food is used for comedic effect throughout the movie. Whether it was Regina George’s “all-carb diet” or a girl making out with a hot dog, food was a major part of the film. To honor the movie I’ve seen about 60 times, I bring you the official Mean Girls Menu.

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