College Professors Don't Care About Women And Minorities

No, this is not a Kanye West quote it’s a research study. During NPR’s Morning Edition they discussed a study that analyzed how professors at literally the best schools in the country treated students based on race and gender. A group of researchers conducted an experiment at the top 250 universities in America. They emailed more than 6,500 professors at these schools pretending to be students. The only variable in the emails were the students names such as “Brad Anderson. Meredith Roberts. Lamar Washington. LaToya Brown. Juanita Martinez. Deepak Patel, Sonali Desai, Chang Wong, Mei Chen.”

Each letter was identical stating something to effect of, “I really admire your work. Would you have some time to meet?” The researchers measured how often the professors would respond to students and guess what you guys? The professors were more likely to respond to names that sounded like they belonged to white males as opposed to people of color or women. 
Women and minorities [were] systematically less likely to get responses from the professors and also less likely to get positive responses from the professors. Now remember, these are top faculty at the top schools in the United States and the letters were all impeccably written.”
Another horrible takeaway was this: it didn’t matter if students of color were reaching out the same race or if a female student was reaching out to a woman professor—all professors favored students assumed to be white males. The best colleges in the country don’t care about women or minorities. Women and minorities don’t care about women and minorities. Fun!
[Via. The Hairpin]

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