7 Delicious DIY Popsicle Recipes That Will Make You See GOD

Today is the first sunny day in NYC is who knows how long! We here at the CollegeCandy offices are enjoying a sweet 90s summer playlist, some refreshing iced teas and the promise of more warm days to come. While sitting here creating a bucket list of things I can’t wait to do (drink on a porch – check; perfect my beachy ‘do – check), I’ve gotten sucked in to Pinterest yet again. It is legitimately the site where productivity goes to die, y’all.

What’s got my mental wheels spinning today? Pinterest’s vast collection of delicious DIY popsicle recipes. We’re talking flavors like hot cocoa, honey yogurt berry and pinot freakin’ noir infused blackberry. #Swoon. Now that all of you know what I’ll be doing this weekend — ahem, finding room in my freezer for all these treats — I want to suck you into this frozen vortex along with me. Popsicle party, anyone?

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