True Story: I Had a Crazy Hot Fling While Studying Abroad

I went to Europe with the intention of finding my own Javier Bardem. And, with much persistence, I did even better. I had a fling with the Italian version.
Have you ever been in a class, and someone walked in that was just so handsome you were pretty sure you were openly staring, with your mouth wide open for, like, way too long? That is exactly how I felt when Leonardo (Laaaay-o-nardo) walked into my EU Politics class. I can literally still remember what he was wearing (obviously a sweater wrapped around his shoulders, in true Italian fashion). He was, without a doubt, the most handsome man I’d seen in a long, long time.
Naturally, I assumed he was too good for me with his thick accent, dark flowing hair and insanely intense eyes. But when I ran into him the following Monday at a bar that many of us transplants drank at, he gave me a hug and said “I know you!” His broken English and my lack of Italian knowledge made it such that we didn’t have much to talk about, but I did understand him fully when he said, “I find you later.”
And find me he did — on the dance floor less than an hour later. You guys, this was over 4 years ago now and I literally remember every moment of this. It was like my study abroad fantasy come true. We danced, we laughed, we couldn’t communicate with words but it did not matter. It was everything.
Naturally, since when in Europe do as the Italians do or whatever, I accepted his slurred invitation back to his apartment later that night.
When I walked into his apartment, I was not expecting the scene that was before me. Four Italian dudes, drunk, all sitting around a tiny TV watching Shooter, that old Mark Wahlberg movie, in Hungarian… With English subtitles. So many days go by where I regret that this scene took place prior to smart phones — what I wouldn’t give to have sent a Snapchat of this.
But instead of staying and watching Shooter for any amount of time, Leonardo took me into his room quite promptly. Now not only were we unable to communicate because of language barriers, but also the booze. For 20 minutes he taught me how to pronounce his name, and asked why I came to such a random country as Hungary, though I doubt he paid any attention to my answer. We then proceeded to have the very, very best sex of my life. Here I was with the hottest man I’d ever seen, my own personal Javier Bardem, on starched white sheets in an open loft in Budapest, Hungary. That night will be a very hard night to ever top.
After the amazing sex, he did ask me one more question: “Are you married?” I was so confused — I was young, I was naive. I thought Leonardo and I would have this epic love affair in Budapest for the next 3 months, and then I would take him home and meet my family, or maybe move to Italy and learn Italian, and finish school there. Of course I didn’t have a boyfriend! When I responded (in a much less creepy way), I asked him the same question, to which he replied: “No, but I do have girlfriend. We will be married. She comes to visit soon.”
And that was that. Leonardo and I slept together a couple more times because I wasn’t going to let something like morals get in the way of this perfect human, but it was never the same. As soon as his insanely beautiful, perfect skinned, dark haired, model of a girlfriend came to Budapest, I couldn’t even look at him.
My affair abroad didn’t end exactly how I had wanted it to, but the experience was worth everything.
If you are abroad, and you find your own personal whoever, I suggest you throw morals to the wind and indulge. That’s what the time is for, after all.

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