Me. I Am Mariah . . . The Elusive Chanteuse Is Mariah Carey's New Album

Mariah Carey is bat shit delusional and I so love her for it. Not just because she will shameless Photoshop her body to look 6 sizes smaller than it actually is because, “Yolo, fuck it, who cares?” Not because she brought her own lighting to a radio interview on Power 105. Not because she throws shade like no other. Not because she had the most iconically crazy MTV Cribs episode. Not just because Glitter was a great movie. Well, actually it’s because of all those reasons but really she does have a voice like no other. Me. I am Mariah . . . The Elusive Chanteuse will surely be something. The back cover of the album features a self portrait she drew when she was a three years old and entitled it “Me. I am Mariah.” OTAY. [youtube=]

Shading Nicki Minaj

Shading Madonna

Shading Jennifer Lopez

Shading Christina Aguilera

Shading Eminem

She is basically Betty Draper but way better.