Stay Classy This Summer In These 6 Tasteful Pairs of Denim Shorts

Denim cutoffs are about as American as the Fourth of July. They’re staples in my wardrobe and most likely yours, and while they aren’t hard to find by any means, it is difficult to find the right pair.
I don’t think I need to give you styling suggestions for this wardrobe mainstay (mostly because you’ve probably been rocking the cutoffs since Kindergarten and probably have it down by now), but I will tell you this: There’s a right way to do ‘jorts’ and there’s a very, very wrong way.
The latter involves extremely short, tight, overly distressed shorts and sadly, that style seems to be more common than the classic denim shorts that – IMHO – look so much better. They also happen to be way more comfortable and easier to move in. And they won’t make you look like you’re channeling Britney during her low point, so there’s that.
Classy denim shorts aren’t always easy to find so I’ve done you a solid and shared some photos of pairs that would look great below.

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