10 Basic Bitch Things Every Girl Secretly Loves Too

What is a basic bitch? Many people have recently tried to define the term basic bitch with some conflicting views. Some believe it’s a “fake boss bitch” or a woman who thinks she is hot shit when she simply is not, another theory is that she is a woman who has no personality. I think that’s far too subjective. The things we associate with basics are really things we can associate with any old person off the street. So when classifying another lady as basic one has to ask: why is she basic and I am not? How are we not all basic? The way that I would define basic, the way that I would personally separate the basics from the non-basics is simple. Basic bitches are people who form an entire identity around things that don’t make them unique at all. They’re the people who when you mention your enjoyment of ice cream, they’re like, “OMG. I love ice cream too. That’s so crazy!” They’re like, “OMG. I love the Hunger Games!” “OMG! Blue is my favorite color!”

Some people, and not just women, believe liking things that literally 100 million other people like somehow makes them special. Now, it’s OK to like things that everyone else likes. I love things that millions of other people like but really, loving Starbucks, is like saying you like “long walks on the beach” and “laughing” on your dating profile. I’d still have no idea who you actually are. So while we might want to classify certain things as basic and certain people as basic, we probably enjoy all the same things they do, except we don’t use those things to shape our entire identity. I personally believe everyone goes through a basic phase at some point in their life. In high school and college it’s easier to just roll with the crowd and it’s actually kind of fun sometimes. Eventually we grow out of our basicness. We read a book no one has ever heard of, we have desires and goals our friends don’t, we embrace our freaky deaky side and are comfortable getting weird with it. To all my basic bitches out there, it’s OK to be basic but you know still . . . don’t be basic.

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