Which “Vampire Diaries” Lady Is Your Style Twin?

It may be one of the most supernatural shows on TV right now but there is one thing about The Vampire Diaries that’s surprisingly true-to-life. And no, I’m talking about the fact that everyone is obsessed with Elena Gilbert, who is fittingly gorgeous.

I’m talking about the fact that, unlike popular teen shows like Pretty Little Liars and Reign, the characters on this show actually wear stuff that’s relatable and normal and…pretty similar to the stuff we wear on the daily. Though they’re all basically normal, each leading lady on the show has a slightly different vibe going on – which one is most similar to yours? Find out below.

It’s the first day of school tomorrow. Do you plan your outfit before time?

1. You know you’ll wear your favorite pair of jeans but you’ll figure out which short to add in the morning.
2. Never. You like to be inspired by what you’re feeling in the moment when getting dressed.
3. Ab-solutely! You must look fabulous at all.
4. Not really. You know you look hot in anything.

Your standard makeup regime is:

1. Minimal. You barely wear anything.
2. Eclectic. You’re willing to try trends but you love earthy, natural products.
3. Involved! You love playing around with color.
4. Mysterious. You love dark shadows and deep colors.

Your favorite color to wear is:

1. Red
2. Yellow
3. Pink
4. Black

You’re going to a formal event. You wear:

1. A classic strapless dress in a jewel tone
2. An unusual dress you find at a thrift shop
3. A huge-skirted taffeta gown
4. The sexiest thing you can find

The wardrobe item you could never live without is:

1. Your best-fitting jeans
2. A necklace that’s been in your family for generations
3. A designer handbag
4. Your leather jacket

What color nail polish are you wearing right now?

1. None
2. Navy blue, gray or silver
3. A shade of pink
4. A deep red

Which would you pair with your favorite pants?

1. A solid-colored sweater
2. A long, loose tank
3. A peplum top
4. Something with a plunging neckline

What bathing suit are you most excited to wear?

1. A plain bikini that doesn’t expose too much skin
2. A sporty-but-sexy one-piece
3. A cool monikini
4. A triangle-top bikini

If you got mostly 1s: Your style twin is Elena Gilbert. Your look is simple and understated. You don’t show a lot of skin or worry too much about makeup and hair because you’re just that naturally beautiful.

If you got mostly 2’s:  Your style twin is Bonnie Bennett. You ave funky, eclectic style. You see fashion as art and a means for self-expression.

If you got mostly 3’s: Your style twin is Caroline Forbes. You’re the ultimate girly-girl and love shopping. You always look perfect from head to toe.

If you got mostly 4’s: Your style twin is Katherine Pierce. You have edgy, vampy (no pun intended) and favor dark colors. You’re not afraid to show some skin and get a little sexy.

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