Drop Everything and Read The Most Powerful Speech EVER

Gabourey Sidibe gave the most perfect speech in existence at Thursday’s Gloria Awards and Gala, an event honoring author Gloria Steinem. She spoke on her confidence and how she maintains it when snooty style reporters and anonymous Twitter people constantly criticize her.

“There’s always a big chance if I wear purple, I will be compared to Barney. If I wear white, a frozen turkey. And if I wear red, that pitcher of Kool-Aid that says, ‘Oh, yeah!’ Twitter will blow up with nasty comments about how the recent earthquake was caused by me running to a hot dog cart or something,” she said.

It’s no secret that Gabby is a robust woman…but that hasn’t stopped her from living life, getting great roles and basking in her time in the sun. The entire speech moved me, from her tales of being a fifth grade nothing down to her triumphs of conquering her insecurities head on. I implore you guys to read the entire thing. I promise that it’s worth your time. I know I sound like a Dove commercial, but beautiful truly is skin deep – and Gabby is absolutely gorgeous.

Read the speech on Vulture.

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