Get Your Game Face On: How To Look Cute While Hiking

I have a soft spot for the Baby-Sitters’ Club movie. I even own the movie on DVD, which is pretty freakin’ fantastic, even when you’re a 20-something. But there was one part about that iconic film that had me like “WTF?”

Obviously I’m talking about the scene where young Stacey, a thirteen-year-old in love with a sixteen-year-old Euro dreamboat, accepts said dreamboat’s invitation to go on a hiking date.

I’ve never been able to understand why some men think anything other than a carb-laden meal would make a good date, but to each his own. I draw the line at hiking, however. I mean, how are you supposed to look #flawless while sweating and struggling to keep up and wearing an effing BACKPACK?

But since there are ladies out there who are into that kind of thing (and these ladies will probably live longer than this workout-loathing writer), I figured I’d write up a little guide to looking as cute as possible while hauling your butt uphill. After all, Lea Michele looks good enough to be, like, in a chapstick ad or something while getting her hike on…so maybe it’s not completely impossible.

First and foremost, the biggest tip I can give you is this: Carry sunscreen with you. Obviously you must apply some right before your hike, but since you’ll likely be climbing around in direct sunlight for a few hours, reapplication is very important. Looking cute while hiking is slightly less important than looking great in the long run – so don’t be afraid to reapply in front of others.

If you’re interested in evening out your skintone pre-hike, I have two words for you: Tinted. Moisturizer. Kill two birds by getting one with SPF (this one is pricey but fabulous) so you can get both beauty and protection. The great thing about this product is that it won’t look cakey so no one will look at you like ‘who does this B think she is, wearing makeup while hiking?’

Next up, eye makeup. My suggestion? Don’t wear it. It’ll just get smudged when you start sweating and that’s never a good thing. It’ll also make you look like the aforementioned B who wears tons of makeup while hiking if you roll up wearing mascara. Take a cue from Lea instead and wear some sunglasses. If you must wear makeup, stick to waterproof. I’m telling you, though – tinted moisturizer is enough as far as your makeup game goes – and no, this isn’t obvious because I know girls who load on an entire face and take time to curl their hair before hiking.

Other tips? Carry hand sanitizer, chapstick and maybe some hydrating spray along with your sunscreen.

Oh and snacks. Don’t forget snacks.

[Lead image via Anna Omelchenko/Shutterstock]

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