11 Kentucky Derby Hats that Do the Most

Just in case you haven’t heard the news/aren’t on Pinterest, the 2014 Kentucky Derby kicked off on Friday. And the annual horse race is a Pinner’s DREAM, tbh. Yeah, the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” is a pretty big deal – because who doesn’t care about the horsies?! – but I, like many, stay for the fashion, fun Derby-inspired parties and any excuse to enjoy a mint julep.

People from all over the world flock to Kentucky, but everyone embraces their inner Southern Belle for the weekend. Outdressing the next attendee is another facet of Derby competition – people don their most fashionable fascinators as it’s supposed to be good luck. But, of course, there are some attendees that go overboard in hopes to show off and stand out. Where do they FIND these toppers?!

…and umm, where can we get one?

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