Meet Our Favorite Luxury Perfume Line, You Will Die of Happiness

Do you remember the way Clinique’s “Happy” smells?
If you were alive in the late 90s, you probably should. I mean, everyone and their mother owned and wore this fragrance. Tommy Hilfiger’s signature scent, too. Also “Body” by Victoria’s Secret. Then in the early 2000s, “Ralph” by Ralph Lauren was all the rage. I loved this scent for awhile. I even bought it and I used it until this sort of annoying girl at school starting wearing it too. She literally used to spritz herself after every single class. Needless to say I can’t be near the smell of Ralph anymore without wanting to…well, ralph.
There’s nothing wrong with these scents by any means. I mean, they clearly achieved incredible popularity, so they must smell good to most people. But any perfume that gets that ubiquitous loses its appeal quickly. There’s just no mystery associated with it! Have you ever met someone who’s wearing a scent you just can’t place? It’s much cooler than running into someone who is obviously wearing “Lovely” by Sarah Jessica Parker.
That’s why I love Bond No. 9 scents so much. I own the brand’s signature scent and also love Nuits de Noho and Chinatown – but you really can’t go wrong. They’re different, so when you wear one, people are definitely going to wonder what they’re smelling. Their formulas are also incredibly high-quality – they last forever and take on a slightly different quality when worn on a new person. They are also beautifully packaged and a lot of their scents are unisex.
I love these perfumes because they don’t take on that synthetic, overwhelmingly sweet quality that most mall brands do. They’re pricey but or all the reasons I mentioned, they’re worth a splurge. They also layer against one another really well, and if you buy one perfume from this line, the brand sends you tons of samples. And who doesn’t love samples?

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