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10 Nail Hacks That Will Change Your Life (And Make Your Nails Perdy)


nail hacks

I sit down and do my nails every Sunday. It’s sort of a self-soothing meditation and most of the time I enjoy it but at the same time I dread the emotional baggage—yes, emotional baggage—of doing my nails. No matter how precise or careful I seem to be the result is always some kind of disaster. On the off chance that my ombre nails do come out perfect I immediately destroy them in some way but the dishes must get washed! That’s the beauty of being able to do your nails, they’re not permanent but that’s also what’s sad about them; you can have the perfect nails but only for seven days at the most.

The art of nail painting can be pretty tedious, especially when you’re trying to do something a little more complicated than your average paint job. In all of my time on Pinterest, in the many hours I’ve spent looking at Mason jars, I’ve spent even more time trying to figure out the best way to do my nails the quickest with the smallest margin of error. Adding Seche Vite as a top coat speeds things up times a thousand but how can I get the nail polish on my nail and not all over my entire body?

Use a bandaid to create the perfect french tip.

Use a foundation sponge to create “tie-dye” nails.

Use reinforcers to create crescent shaped nails.

Use Aquaphor for mess-free nail polish application.

Mix glitter and top coat to create your own nail polish.

Scrub nails with whitening tooth paste to remove nail polish stains.

Use glue as a base coat to create easy peel off glitter nail polish (since it’s so hard to remove).

Another way to remove glitter nail polish is to wrap remover-soaked cotton pads in foil.

Use this technique to get a manicure like the pros.

The netting of a loofah can be used to create this cool glitter effect.

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