Avril Lavigne Won’t Touch Fans Who Paid $400 To Meet Her


avril lavigne
In one of the most uncomfortable celebrity interactions, only second to that boy trying to give Megan Fox a rose, Avril Lavigne took some photos with her Brazilian fans. Each fan paid $400 (which doesn’t include the price of the show) to get to hang with what clearly has to be their fave singer. The results were pathetic. So, look, I get it, you don’t want strangers to touch you. There are lots of reasons why you wouldn’t want that but wow. Good grief. Could she look anymore disinterested in the people who worship her? It’s as if Moses parted Avril and her fans so they can never touch. Avril has been doing this for a decade, you’d think she’d have more expressions than Kristen Stewart by now.

The fans look so uncomfortable in the photos that it must have been made very clear to them that they aren’t supposed to get too close. The story broke after a fan posted a thread on the awkward photos on BreatheHeavy.

[Images Via. Imgur]

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