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How To Survive the First Few Weeks of Dating


first date

The first few weeks of dating someone new are simultaneously the most exciting, most terrifying and most anxiety ridden weeks imaginable… For a girl at least. I have no idea what dudes are thinking most of the time, and this is certainly no exception.

But to avoid having a panic attack and also ruining something that could be really great if you could just chill out for a second, here are a few key tips to survive the first few weeks of dating.

1. CALM DOWN. If he doesn’t text you right away, just relax. It’s normal to go several days without talking — you just started dating! You must have talked to people before, right? Text your friends instead of him. Don’t freak if he has other plans — he has another life too. You WANT him to have a life outside of you… Trust me.

2. Don’t Stop Your Life. If you normally go to the gym every day at 6am, keep doing that! If he asks you out on a Wednesday and it will mean skipping something that is important to you, don’t do it. Keep your plans and keep your life. If you give up on these things too soon, and this doesn’t work out (which it seriously may not), it will hurt that much more. This guy is supposed to compliment your life not complete it– remember this!

3. Don’t Play Games. Though you shouldn’t text your new boo every time you have a thought in your head, there’s a balance here. If you see something that really reminds you of a funny inside joke, send him a text. If you haven’t heard from him in a couple days and you miss him, call and see what he’s been up to. You shouldn’t move too fast, but you also shouldn’t play games. It’s complicated, isn’t it?

4. Don’t Stalk Him. It’s only going to hurt you. If you friend him on FB and Insta and spend your days comparing yourself to his supermodel exes, you’re going to get overly stressed. These things will come out when they should, later in your relationship, when he let’s you in. Don’t make things worse on yourself by stalking him until you absolutely know all of the things. He will tell you all of the things… Later.

5. Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut Too Early. Yes, we all want to be in a relationship so we can stay in on Saturdays and watch Netflix in yoga pants. But the first part of dating is supposed to be fun! Take your budding relationship outside of the bedroom or living room or wherever. You’ll get to the slow stay at home stage eventually, don’t rush that part!

6. Have Fun. Never forget that dating is supposed to be fun, and it is supposed to be easy. If you both like each other, you won’t play games, you’ll spend time together, he’ll call. If you spend most of your time feeling stressed and over analyzing sporadic texts, just get out of that relationship and find someone who makes it worth your time. If you’re not saying FUCK YEA about where the relationship is going, or if he’s not saying that about you, it ain’t worth all the stress ladies.

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