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The 10 Worst Things About Having Boobs


Donna in Intimo

Boobs, people love ’em. Yet, the struggle is real. It doesn’t matter ¬†if you’ve got big, small or average boobs, your two chicas will find a way to get in the way of your plans one way or another. Found that dress you like? Sorry, your boobs don’t go with the silhouette¬†and you can’t wear a bra with it so just wear a giant potato sack instead because that is your life. Boobs are complicated because they affect what you can wear, how you are perceived, how you feel (hello, painful PMS boobs) and they can even affect your self-esteem. Of all the challenges that differ from the experience of having a female body versus a male body this one is a doozy. Ugh, boobs.

Here’s what didn’t make our list: back pain from having very big boobs, nipples that expand like balloons, and that one random boob hair that never goes away.

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