The Only Study Hack You'll Need During Finals Week

If midterms are the bratty step-sisters of the semester (annoying, but manageable), then finals are without question the evil queen who’s out to steal your youth, sanity and it’s-almost-summer joy. Before you resort to crying in the shower — though we’ve all been there — make sure your study plan is more effective than all-nighters and energy drinks. Luckily 1 in 5 college students have discovered StudyBlue, the one tool that’s guaranteed to streamline your studying and legitimately save you so much time. Users of the free app create, share and study notes online, all with the support of over 5 million fellow students.

Through StudyBlue’s shared library of over 220 million pieces of user generated content, you can rely on the expertise of your peers to help you — whether you’re studying Mandarin or mathematics. As you create and study cards, the app personalizes the learning experience by suggesting relevant material based on the subjects you study, your location, your grade, and your study style. And unlike studying solo, StudyBlue also offers review modes and practice quizzes that track your progress, as well as crowdsourced class-specific study guides. Like I said above, StudyBlue is absolutely free to download and use which is perfect for broke college students. Should you decide you want to take your studying even more in-depth, students have the option of upgrading to “StudyBlue Pro” for premium features, such as unlimited Study Guides, advanced search, elimination of ads, offline mode, custom text formatting, and an equation editor, for $9/month or $48/year. For a limited time, StudyBlue is offering free months of StudyBlue Pro for you and your friends — if you refer a friend, you get a free month! You can get up to 10 free months. Bottom line — before you slip into a stress coma, download StudyBlue and realize how easy finals can be! StudyBlue is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and online. Download StudyBlue for Android here. Download StudyBlue for iPhone and iPad here.