15 College Students Post The Weirdest Pictures From Their Textbooks

Have you ever been reading a textbook that seemed perfectly fine until you caught eye of the most bizarre, left field illustration that seems completely tangental to the text? Sometimes it seems as though the people drawing pictures for the textbooks didn’t read them at all but the publisher just wanted a cool image on the same page because there were too many words. It’s finals week and one Reddit user posted the thread “Students currently procrastinating, what’s the most out-of-context, hilarious picture you can find in one of your textbooks?” What ensued were some of the most bizarre, some of the most NSFW photos (you’ll have to go over to the thread to see those) and some of the strangest visual interpretations of information I have ever seen. If you’re procrastinating and have some funny “out of context” pictures tweet them at us @CollegeCandy and use the hashtag #WeirdTextbookPhotos.

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