5 Cheap (But Super Cute!) Summer Date Ideas

Single girls, listen up: there is NO excuse for partaking in a poorly coordinated date. Seriously. Yes, we are all broke college students/recent grads. Yes, ramen may or may not be a large part of our daily nutritional intake. And yes, there are times where we’ve been forced to cash in our childhood piggy bank savings at the local CoinStar. I know. I get it, I get it. But being broke shouldn’t be a reason to resort to a “come over and chill” Netflix night on the couch.

Nicolette Mason, one of my favorite bloggers and a Marie Claire editor, basically has the life that I want – and on top of that, she’s engaged. Luckily, she’s imparted some of her wisdom from her days as a single girl herself. Her list of 20 Dates Under $20 is New York City-based…but many of the ideas can be done in a city near you.

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Paying to Play the Dating Game [Diary of the Undateable]
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