All Hail Tarte Lipsurgence Crayons, the Fiercest Lip Pigment Around

When it comes to makeup, there are a few things I look for: Consistent results, solid color payoff, lack of nasty chemicals, ease of use, longevity and shades that flatter my skin tone are a few of them. Oh, and cute packaging. Cute packaging does tend to be a big part of it.

There are only a few products that have all of these qualities in spades – Tarte’s Lipsurgence crayons are among these. I’ll freely admit it: What initially attracted me to these bestsellers was the adorable packaging. I mean they’re chubby little crayons. How freakin’ cute is that? But after actually using this stuff, I realized its sort of the perfect lip product to have on hand. For one thing, they’re formulated with tons of essential oils, vitamins and nutrients. To put it in simple terms: They make your lips really soft and they feel smooth and amazing when you apply. Also, if you’re sensitive to product or allergy-prone like I am, there’s a great chance these won’t irritate you.

Then there’s the matter of they look. Whether you like full-on matte shades or a little tint of something sheer, you can find the shade you want from the Lipsurgence line. My personal favorite is “Fiery,” a matte red. I love it because it requires zero prep – thanks to the moisturizing formula, I don’t need to do the whole exfoliate-and-apply-chapstick song and dance that most red lipsticks require. But the tint in “Charmed” is equally amazing: a sheer, wearable light that looks super natural.

You really can’t go wrong, though.Owning multiple pencils is not a bad idea at all….and I should know. I probably have around ten of these (thanks to the value sets that pop up around the holidays.)

Whichever shade (or shades) you choose, you’ll be getting a pencil that you can throw into your bag and use anywhere, without thinking twice, without even needing to look in a mirror because that’s how easy-to-wear they are. They also smell minty fresh….so feel free to stash them in place of your Altoids.

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