Turning Up Just Got THAT Much Easier

Wanna know a little secret? I rarely drink liquor straight. I mean, wine is okay. But the hard stuff – vodka, rum, brandy – has to be mixed. That’s why I opt for a good ol’ fashioned cocktail. My friends make fun of me on occasion and claim that I can’t hang…and they might be right. But I’d much rather indulge in something sweet over choking down a shot that tastes like lighter fluid. I know that I can’t be the only remaining post-grad, twentysomething chaser in the world – and Chaser Strips proves that I’m not.

Chaser Strips look just like Listerine Strips and work in a similar manner. You pour your beverage, place the strip on your tongue, drink your beverage and enjoy the experience according to the explicit, easy to follow instructions. The strips only come in one flavor for now, but it’s mixed berry. And who doesn’t like mixed berry?

These strips are a hostess’ dream – they’ll probably eliminate the jumble of red cups and half-empty Ocean Spray bottles at house parties. But above that, they’re portable and affordable – a combination that anyone can appreciate. Check out the video below. Would you try Chaser Strips, Candy Girls?


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