18 Lies We Tell Ourselves After Romantic Rejection

There’s no way to sugar coat it or beat around the bush – rejection hurts. When you’re into a guy that was seemingly into you and he changes his mind, it sucks. It’s the worst. It makes you self-conscious and causes you to second-guess everything that you did and said to him.
Personally, I go through four phases when it happens. I get surprised, which turns into being sad, which morphs into anger and then ultimately, I’m over it. Because why would I want to be with someone who doesn’t want me as much as I want them? I’m much better off, anyway.
In between it all, I say these mantras and affirmations to myself in the mirror (And on the train, and in the car. And online. And sometimes to his face if I’m ballsy enough. Which I never am.). At day’s end, it’s his loss and my gain.

1. I gave him the best two weeks of his LIFE.

2. I think that he just couldn’t handle me.

3. He wasn’t ready for all this jelly…

4. I’m too much woman for him.

5. Is he just intimidated by my success?

6. Because being an unpaid intern equates to being Oprah, clearly.

7. Is it because I tower over him in heels? Sucks for him that he can’t climb this tall tree.

8. He’s afraid to meet my family, I think.

9. …and doesn’t want to let his walls down.

10. Because he’s still fragile from the past :(.

11. I’m too fly for him ANYWAY.

12. Chile, please. Ain’t nobody studying him.

13. Shut up. He was only in my Firefox history because I misspelled my mom’s name when I Googled her this morning.

14. IDGAF.

15. To the left, to the left.

16. He’s thinking of me right now…he’s just waiting to make the first move.

17. Because good girls win in the end. Always.

18. And they always come back.

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