20 Angry Roommate Notes That Will Make You Miss Your Roomie This Summer

School is about to be over. That means packing up the 300 tons of stuff you’ve managed to accumulate in, like, eight months. I don’t think there is a single person who doesn’t dread the responsibility of moving. Having to do it every year was exhausting but it was the only way I ever found that one sock that would go missing mid-year. Roommates are a staple of college. Regardless if you are dorming or you have your own place, you’re probably sharing it with someone you shouldn’t be living with. Friendships, relationships,¬†marriages¬†have been destroyed because living with someone is nothing like hanging out with them. A compatible roommate is different than a compatible friend. It’s important to remember that just because you are your BFF aren’t good roomies doesn’t mean you’re not great friends but it’s hard to remember when they keep wearing your very expensive moisturizer after you’ve told her otherwise.
I’ve had some really weird and annoying roommates in my life but I always miss them a little when we part ways. More than anything now that I have great roommates I miss the amazing “bad roommate” stories I could tell. There were unicorns, thieves, food-borrowing, closet-locking-themselves-in, drunken roommate stories that made brunch all the more interesting. If you’re finally parting ways with a terrible roommate this post is dedicated to you.

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