12 Hilarious Graphs That Sum Up The College Experience

There is how people expect things to be and then how they really are. College is a time of contradiction, you’re excited to learn but you’re stressed about learning. You want to to be a good student but you don’t want to spend four or five years studying in the library. You want to have but you don’t want to lose sight of that diploma. You want to make an investment in your future but are you actually learning anything? College is useful (and completely overpriced) but part of being a college student is debunking the myth of college itself. You don’t have to do all of the required reading to get an A in class. You don’t have to be a model student 100% of the time to get shit done. University priorities are a little messed up and they don’t always have your best interest in mind. Much of what you learn in college is how to get through college. These graphs pretty much sum that up.