Let Blake Lively's Locks Be Your Summer Hairspiration

As someone who was always firmly rooted in Blair Waldorf’s corner (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, get yourself to your nearest couch and Netflix Gossip Girl RIGHTNOW), it pains me a bit to say this. But there’s really no way to avoid the truth… and the truth is that Blake Lively has one of the best heads of hair in Hollywood. Like, gurl, the back of yo head is RIDICULOUS.
The only upside to all this is that Blake does make for fantastic inspiration. She inspires me to put down the hairbrush and the blow dryer down and embrace the natural movement of my locks. She rocks the imperfect tousled look on the regs and so can you.
If you want your strands to look like this, here’s the one tip I can offer you: Get layers. Ask your stylist to give you long layers plus a bit of angle. Then boycott all styling tool and toss your hair into a bun before heading out – let it down and fall in love with how ‘lively’ your hair looks. Need some summer hairspiration? Look no further.

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