Rihanna Throws Shade At Super Fan Who Copied Her Outfit

It’s hard out there for a Rihanna stan. Rihanna is known for her DGAF attitude which at times is totally cool. Like remember when all those pictures of her smoking blunts surfaced and MTV tried to shade her but she was simply not having it?
Living your life and not caring about what the media thinks is difficult to do for a celebrity and I applaud Rihanna for that. However, there is a difference between being a carefree chick and attacking the very people who made you famous. Rihanna tweeted a “sad face” at a 16-year-old fan Alexis Carter who dressed as Rihanna for her Hollywood themed prom. But it didn’t stop there. Rihanna tweeted another picture making fun of her even more.

The hashtag #PromBat began to trend and now this sixteen-year-old girl is dealing with cyber bullying. Celebrities who aren’t cool with their fans are just not cool. Like you don’t owe anything to critics or the media but your fans are who believe in you and who pay your bills. It’s not like this girl was some Twitter follower spitting venom at Rihanna she was paying homage to her!

Alexis told Fox news, ““I was very offended,” Alexis said of Rihanna’s tweets, “Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing. The poses was different but the outfit wasn’t. She don’t love her fans like she says she does.”  It’s just plain mean. 

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