These Honest Lilly Pulitzer Ads Know About Your Drinking Habit

If you go to college in the south, were raised in the south or have visited the south for any slightly extended period of time, I don’t need to tell you that Lilly Pulitzer apparel is a quirky, yet much beloved, fashion staple. Outsiders might see the loud prints and bright colors as a definite don’t, but any girl worth the salt in her margarita knows the merits of a Lilly shift on a 100+ degree day. From Carolina Cup and Preakness to your school’s annual spring football game (and the tailgating that precedes it), your BFF Lilly’s gonna have you looking cool…even when you’re a hot mess.
After all, the infamous Palm Beach prints that were designed to hide citrus juice stains are, today, more commonly hiding evidence of beer bongs gone awry and Fireball shots that didn’t quite make it into your mouth. Among college students (yes, girls and guys, because Lilly makes some fierce men’s pants) Lilly Pulitzer is synonymous with getting buzzed by brunch and blackout by sundown. It’s for this reason that I can absolutely appreciate these honest Lilly ads created by the ladies at Total Sorority Move. Let’s face it, they’re just saying what we’re all thinking.
[h/t TSM]

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