13 Dads Threatening Their Daughter's Prom Dates With Guns

It’s prom season and that means parents have to accept that their kids are growing up. That means dating and touching each other’s butts. It’s typically dads who (stereotypically) have issues with their daughters dating and these hilarious prom photos of dads threatening their daughters dates with very large guns show us just how true that is. Look at this picture, it’s supposed to be a joke but you know, that gun isn’t fake. None of these guns are fake. I love how the girl is posing like she is about to have her first Vogue spread and her date is about to cry because he isn’t sure if he should be afraid or not. This is totally one of those, “Just kidding . . . ┬ábut not just kidding situations.”
Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we all took a photo with this gun? I’m not a regular dad, I am a cool dad. But remember, I am a dad with a gun. I am a cool dad with a large gun. Lol. Isn’t it funny how I have these guns . . . and a sense of humor. Have fun on your date with my daughter.

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