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Can You Tell the Designer Shoe from The Dupe? Test Your Skills!



Here at CollegeCandy’s style section, we talk quite a bit about the value of investing in higher-end pieces as opposed to saving on cheaper finds. We believe in finding the perfect balance in your wardrobe, which means choosing a small number of classic investment pieces, some cheaper trendy finds and some items that fall into the middle.

There are plenty of iconic shoes out there that have….uh, inspired cheaper duplicates. While this can be a fantastic way to snag a look you admire but can’t afford, it’s also important to note that the quality of a $20 shoe can probably never match up to the quality of a $200 shoe. That’s a difference you can feel but the minute you slide your foot into the shoe – and one you can really feel in terms of comfort after walking in those shoes for a few hours – but you can tell the difference between an investment shoe and a bargain shoe from a picture? Let’s see.

I'm a Chicago-based writer and graduate of the Medill School of Journalism who has written for sites like,,,,, Racked, Thrillist and The Huffington Post.